The Short History of Ira

The founder of Ira was Laage, who happened to be the first Onira. Laage was a hunter who came from Oyo to hunt in the surroundings of Fere. He and his people were at Fere for a long time. It was the need to move closer to Oya’s grove that made them found the present site of Ira. It was never told that there was a settlement there before. After Laage Lariekan, Oluagbe, Olurogba, Dibuloye, Labimtan, Abioye, kolawolu, Erewole, Oyekanmi, Oyafioye, Oyesanya, Oyeniyi, Oyenike, Oyebanji, Oduoye, Oyesoji, Oyelola, Moronfoye and Oba AbdulWahab Oyetoro{The present Onira of Ira} Oyamakinde popular called “Oya”, after the death of her husband Alafin Itiolu Atanda Opo popularly called Sango Olukoso had to come to Ira where she entered the ground at a place called Igbo-Oya which is existing up till today. Oya was defied by her people at Ira and Sango’s friends and aids for her loyalty to Sango. A shrine was built for her at Igbo-Oya {Oya’s grove} where people from far and near worshipped her every year. The advent of Christianity and Islam has led to the end of Oya worship at Ira. History told us that Laage also disappeared into the ground just like Oya. The site where he entered the ground is at a place in Obada’s compound, Ira.

Oriki Ira
Ira, Laaru Osin, Onira Laage, Iloko Omo Arelu,
Ma relu mi mo, Ori Olori ni k Oya o maa wa kiri Lagbedajo,
Omo Afaja wusi oku ni popo Ira,Omo lele bi otutu
Gingingin loye mu ni le baba won.
Ki iwo yala,kemi yala kere pade L’ajogbori
Ajogborini mi , mi o jo gba eko ototo eyan ni mojo
Gba loro kekere Iloko, oti mu da o die le kekere Iloko,
O ti muda Odi ero Iloko timuda odi iberu eru omo ajoba,
Lo lele agba Iloko nawo nase sile oni ori laabe ni abe se ni Iloko oro
Arelu eyo omo abatabutu oju Okun Olere, Ehin okun ose tu ni kengbe,
Abata butu oju omi kohu koriko .



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22 thoughts on “The Short History of Ira

  1. My brother, I appreciate your blog. God bless you real good. Please do you know the history of Oyun river? While tracing my genealogy , I was told that the mother of my progenitor turned to Oyun river to prent the Fulani warriors from capturing her children after the destruction of their town

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    1. No… I wasn’t buried… The people of IRA betrayed him and doubted him.. so he disappeared into the ground leaving a long chain into the ground and he promised to Appear whenever​ their is war… The place is still in IRA I think in the Oba’s compound

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  2. am so happy to see this blog, can we have an audio part of the oriki, am from irra from the Obatiwajoye compound, and i would love to hear the oriki as i find it hard to say it myself

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