History of Oro: the Igbomina stock

The whole nine generic communities of Oro came into being as a result of a bloody chieftaincy dispute that erupted in old Oyo Empire. With this bloody dispute, a lot of people lost their lives, thus; a man called “Olakanmi” escaped from the Royal palace with some members of his family, friends, loyal warriors as well as slaves. Olakanmi, with the advice of the “Ifa Oracle” he consulted earlier moved south-East of old Oyo with his contigent. This Ifa Oracle had earlier instructed Olakanmi to settle wherever he would meet a blacksmith. Olakanmi later moved to Idofin Odu, the present day Ibode town. At Idofin Odu, Olakanmi, and his followers stayed for a short period of time.

​During the sojourn of Idofin Odu, some reported to Olakanmi and his younger brother (his name not given) who later became the first Baale of Oro, the sounds of mortal and morsel pounding from a far distance. To this, Olakanmi and his followers traced the sound until eventually they got to the promised Blacksmith directed by the Ifa Oracle. The Blacksmith was known as Onire. At Onire, they found Odofa (Onire and Odofa are still prominent chiefs in their right at Oro today). Olakanmi at this point told his followers that “IBI TI IFA NI ARO NI YI” meaning (Here is where the Ifa Oracle asked us to settle).

​It should be noted however, that Oro people are settled in nine generic towns. They are often referred to as Ekumesan-Oro (nine Oro settlements). The progenitors of Oro generic towns are believed to have migrated to their present site from Oyo. During the course of their migration, their first place of long settlement was at “KANKO” (near the present Okeola-Oro). After a long journey, these early founders of Oro were tired and exhausted that they pitched their tent at Kanko where they settled. Hence, it was in unanimous agreement they declared “E je ka ro Nihin” that is let us settle here.

​It was from this settlement that the word “Oro”, which is the appellation for all the communities was formed. Thus; it was from this settlement that the other towns and villages of Oro were originated. The nine communities of Oro are: Iludun-Oro, Ijomu-Oro, Afin-Oro, Okeola-Oro, Okerimi-Oro, Iddo-Oro, Agbeola-Oro, and Ibode-Oro.


5 thoughts on “History of Oro: the Igbomina stock

  1. In ur listing of d nine communities dat make up Oro,u left one out and u listed 8,pls will like to know d name of d last community


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