The Aro of Akure land

High Chief Fagbamila the first Aro of Akure Kingdom was born of parents from both Ilaro town (between Akure and Idanre) and Ijumu town in kogi state a few kilometers from Omuo Ekiti in Ekiti State.

Aro Fagbamila relocated to Akure in 1710 during the reign of Deji Eyemoin (1705-1735). He came in company of his brother Awoyokun nicknamed “Ogedegbelurin” a renowned blacksmith after a civil strife in Ijumu the birth place of their mother. Aro Fagbamila came and settled in Usae with Chief Asae Opokitilubaba and Chief Olotin in 1710.

The Chiefs later introduced Fagbamila to the Deji of Akure who in turn bestowed on him the title of “Aroti” of Akure. It was related from one quarter that Fagbamila came to Akure with the title of “Aroti” while another school of thought claimed that the title Aroti was coined from the circumstances which made Fagbamila to stay a while with both Asae and Olotin when he got to Akure.

Aroti Fagbamila reigned as the “Aro” of Akure between 1710 – 1765 totaling 55 years. He saw the reign of Deji Eyemoin 1705 – 1735, Deji Orudu 1735 – 1748 and partly that of Deji Ogoro 1748 – 1768. He was succeeded in turn by his son Adegboye in 1768 and he died in 1806 after reigning for 40 years Adegboye was on throne during the reign of Deji Arakale 1768 – 1818.

Awoyokun who was popularly called Ogedegbelumin because of his blacksmith vocation succeeded Adegboye in 1808. He died in 1811 after three years of ascending the throne. Okiribiti succeeded his father Ogedegbelumin in 1811 during the reign of Deji Arakale and died two years after in 1813. He brought “Arigbo” Shrine and masquerade to Oke- Aro from Ijumu.

Orole “Baba Oke” the Son of Fagbamila succeeded Okiribiti in 1813 and reigned for 50 years until he died in 1863. He was a direct descendant of Aro Fagbamila and the father of Ogundugba and Mama Elegberunute. Elegberunute was the eldest daughter of Orole and the mother of Olotu. Aro Orole saw the reign of Deji Arakale 1768 – 1818, Deji Ogunlegboju 1819 – 1823, Deji Ausi 1823 – 1828, Deji Ajalaga 1828 -1832, Deji Osuan 1832 – 1834, Deji Osupatadolaa 1834 -1846, Deji Agboyere 1846 – 1849, Deji Amorobiojo 1850 – 1851, Deji Omoremiosun 1851 -1852 and Deji Ojijigogun (the son of Deji Arakale) 1852 -1882.

Ogundugba the son of Orole and the younger brother of Mama Elegberunute succeeded his father (Orole) in 1863 and reigned for 50 years till he died in 1923. He also witnessed the reign of Deji Ojijigogun 1852 – 1882, Deji Odundun Asodedero 1882 – 1890, Deji Arosoye 1890 -1897 and partly that of Deji Afunbiowo 1897 – 1957.

Olotu the son of Mama Elegberunute and nephew of Ogundugba all from the lineage of Fagbamila succeeded his uncle in 1924 as Aro – Elect during the reign of Deji Afunbiowo. It was so remarkable that he died the same year with Afunbiowo in 1957. Ojo Iyun succeeded his cousin Aro Olotu in 1958 during the reign of Deji Agunsoye Ademuagun and died in 1960 after a brief spell of two years.



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  1. I read Akure, ONDO and Ekiti sates were part of the Benin kingdom. kindly shed more light on this history


  2. Can you tell me the relations of the Obas to each other, like you mention several obas and how Ojijigogun is the son of Arakale, but who is the father of Arakale? Was he one of the dejis listed or whas he an Aro chief? Thank you

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