Igi nla the Mysterious tree

It’s also called Asorin in Yoruba language. It’s bark and root are widely used in the preparation of potent charms. it’s gotten by approaching the tree from a distance, while a live rooster is thrown at it after series of  incantation.

No human being can survive approaching it ordinarily. My mother had first hand experience of witnessing her father High chief Odunwo  Agunbiade of Ile-Oluji getting the bark while she watched from a distance.

It’s leaves never touches the ground..cobwebs are woven around it’s top where all dead leaves drop. No grass or living things grow under it or within its radius. If any bird touches it, it dies instantly. So also other living things. That’s why no other plant is seen around it.

No one dare approach it beyond a certain distance. It talks. And when its help is spiritually sought, it sends an emissary in the form of its fig to accompany the petitioner. This is accompanied by a loud clap of thunderous sound.

In some Yoruba incantations, it’s said that…..Igikigi kii dari so Asorin. Bi Sango ba pa araba, to ba pa Iroko bi ti’gi nla ko…

The tree is so rare but still exist in places like Efon-Alaaye in Ekitiland, Iwara in Ijesaland, Ile-Ife



6 thoughts on “Igi nla the Mysterious tree

  1. Thanks to this post I now I have a DEEPER understanding of this yoruba saying or incantation as the case maybe “Igikigi kii dari so Asorin. Bi Sango ba pa araba, to ba pa Iroko bi ti’gi nla ko”.
    Though it would be lovely to see a picture of the tree tagged to this post assuming it is possible.

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  2. Thanks for this revelation. Your explanation is exactly thesame with my father’s description of the tree.(Asorin). Sir kindly uploaded it picture if you can, it will even give more light to the explanation. God bless you.

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  3. Sir, thank u for adding to our knowledge, can someone pay visit to d place where d tree is grown? and does d tree grow like other trees?


  4. Thank u soo much for this,My Father just told me the story just now and instantly i searched for it nd saw this article, It matched exactly what he said about the tree, same words and explanation, He was even surprised.There are lot of mysterious things in Yoruba Land. More sirr

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