The Ancestral link between Ile-Ife and Iwo

The paramount ruler of Iwo in Osun State the Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi, on Sunday 14th of August 2016 led Iwo chiefs and prominent indigenes of the town to Ile-Ife in order to acquaint them about the origin of their ancestry.

The monarch and his subjects traced their origin to Lafogido Ruling House, which is one of the four ruling houses which has been producing the Ooni of Ife, Oba Akanbi, was received at the Owodo Royal Compound, Okerewe by the elders of the royal house located at the back of the Ooni’s Palace.

The Oluwo said his ancestor, Luwo Gbagida, a woman, ruled in Ile Ife as the 16th Ooni. He stated that Gbagida fought a war and won and was also the first road engineer, who paved roads with pots herds. Luwo Gbagida, descendant of Otaataa from Owode compound, Okerewe. She was the first and only female to take the crown as Ooni after the demise of Ooni Giesi

She was said to have been married to Chief Obaloran of Ilode and became the mother of Adekola Telu, the founder and Oluwo of Iwo town. (Some historical piece claims that Obaloran was also a king not a chief; there were many obas in Ile Ife, apart from the Ooni).

Luwo Gbagida was not just an Ooni that went down in history without achieving anything. She was the first one to construct roads. She also fought a war and she came back a conqueror. She was a very dynamic woman, no woman even in the history of Nigeria has arguably ever attained that feat. Luwo Gbagida was a very great woman.

Oba Akanbi said, “All the ruling houses today are one. Osinkola, Ogboru, Giesi and Lafogido Ruling Houses are all from the same father, the same source. Iwo is also from the same source as this ruling house ( Lafogido). Iwo has a ruling house here in Ife, so it means that Ife princes can come to Iwo anytime and even aspire to be on the stool and also Iwo princes too can come to Ife and still want to do the same ( become the Ooni).

“The last time this kind of historical event happened was about 1,500 years ago and it was made possible then by Oranmiyan. He came back to his father’s house. He became the king and by the grace of God, we will see what the future holds for us in this regard.

Adekola Telu, the son of Luwo Gbagida ( female Ooni), had about 1,000 years ago migrated from Ooni’s Palace in Ile Ife with a crown he never wore to establish an empire in the land of the parrots where Iwo is presently located.


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