History of Ọrun Ọba Ado

FEYISETAN Opeyemi - aka Orisha Aganju

In the land of the Aku (a.k.a. Ọmọ Oodua) there exists a site in Ile-Ifẹ called Ọrun Ọba Ado which is translated as resting place of Edo kings. Tradition has it that whenever an Edo king (Ọba) slept his head was sent from the Edo kingdom to this site for burial while a bronze replica was sent from Ile-Ifẹ to Edo where the rest of the body was buried. This is an indicator of the existence of a very close relationship between the Aku and Edo. Even though the reason for this practice seems to be shrouded in mystery, perhaps it can be reconstructed using the knowledge that the Aku and Edo are of biblical Israel and Edom respectively, searching for similar practices that would have been recorded in associated historical records. Specifically, a passage in the Book of Jasher (referred to in Joshua 10:13 and 2 Samuel 1:18), even…

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