Alaafin of Oyo Palace

The Oyo palace is one of the main cultural center of the city, where all cultural forms are widely practiced and stored.
The palace is decorated with works of art, murals and various forms of sculpture, including the posts of wood and carved paneled doors, symbolizing the status of wealth and royalty.

The palace of the Alaafin Oyo is one of the largest Yoruba royal residence and has the largest number of Kobis (corridors). This complex corridor system allows the Alaafin to move in without exiting to the outside. Within the complex, there are shrines of Sango, Obatala, Ogun and Imole.

Besides the Alaafin residence , and shrines , the complex also houses the palace ‘s throne room , offices, housing officials, the dwellings of the queens , the court , the room Aganju where confer the Oyes ( titles ) , the garden , the Akesan market , among other spaces .
The Oyo palace houses important works of art and antiques of the Yorubas. It is also the place where they are performed and traditional touches daily songs of praise and communication to the king, informing him about the external events of the palace . Touch is one of the most significant forms of communication culture of Oyo . Touch inside the palace is a real privilege and shows the continuation of the cultural practices of the Oyo Empire.
This palace is a great testimony to the architectural ingenuity of the Yoruba and their empire .

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