The Brief History of Olugbo lineage: Obamakin Osangangan

His Highness, Oba Obateru Akinruntan, Olugbo of Ugboland

Oranfe is the god of lightning and thunder sent by Eledumare to the universe. (He had) his primary abode at Oke-Ora as a god and had his house built of fire both in heaven and his earthly abode on Ora hill (Oke-Ora) in Ile-Ife then known as Ife Oodaye. That was why he was referred to as Oranfe Onile Ina (Oranfe owner of the house of fire). All his fellow gods and warriors feared him because of his mystical power of lightning and thunder and the power to emit naked fire from his mouth given to him by the Almighty Eledumare (God).

Due to his enormous power and the constant exchange with the unseen beings, he was usually alone on the hill of Ora (Oke-Ora), and only descended on the order of Oduduwa (His Supreme Head) to attend to his subjects and perform some rituals and sacrifices which he usually carried on in the afternoons (Osangangan) for the cleansing of the land on a routine basis, that was why he was nicknamed Osangangan, while Obatala carried his own sacrifices very early in the morning (Kutukutu Owuro) on the order of Eledumare through Oduduwa. It was not possible for ordinary humans who were not spiritually fortified to see Oranfe eyeball to eyeball except Oduduwa and direct descendants of Oranfe, even up till today, because of the enormous power he possessed.

Obaluru is the head of Ile Oranfe, his living spirit and heritance. Oranfe had many wives including the popular three, Oru, Osara, Akinsin, among others, he also had several children and grandchildren spreading across Ile Oodua (Yoruba land) and beyond. Oru begat Obamakin, the father of Olugbo, Woyeasiri, Oluyare among others.

Although Oranfe was a god-King, further studies of Yoruba cosmology revealed that when the gods/deities were coming from heaven (Ikole Orun) to earth (Ikole Aye), all the gods were ordered by Eledumare to work with Oduduwa on earth among whom were Oranfe. Eledumare gave the Ase (spiritual authority) to Oduduwa over all other god-kings, which symbolizes that Eledumare created the earth primarily for human beings. Oranfe was given special power above so many gods/deities, that was why he was called Oba Igba irunmole (King of 200 deities), while Oduduwa being the supreme head of all god-kings/deities was referred to as the Oba Okan le nirinwo irunmole (King of 401 deities) which is one of the several titles of Ooniriisa (the owner of the gods) till date.

Although on several occasions, this supreme authority given to Oduduwa by Eledumare generated a lot of disagreements among the gods on why he would exercise supreme authority on them, but each time Ifa Olokun (Oracle) was consulted, they were all warned not to question this divine arrangement by Eledumare. Digging deeper is like questioning the existence of Eledumare, naturally because of this they all “Wori” (Pay homage) to him as the father of all beings, kings and gods on earth, till today. Obaluru (Oranfe) being Oba igba Irunmole under Oduduwa, Oba Okanlenirinwo irunmole still pay homage (Wori) to any reigning Ooni as a sign of humility and respect as directed by Eledumare. Further details will be unveiled in my subsequent publications.

Obamakin was a known warrior and a brave man, who doubled as a liaison officer for his father Oranfe Onile Ina. Oranfe, the father of Obamakin had so many children from his other wives but his most beloved wife Akinsin was childless. One day Oduduwa called Oranfe and few other gods to accompany him on a journey (this culture is still in practice in present day Ile-Ife), that might take them many days, months or possibly years to return.

Oranfe, being very old then needed to apportion some properties to his wives and children. Akinsin, his most beloved wife was given a piece of land on which Obamakin had been farming temporary for a while, and he gave other valuable materials and properties out to other wives and to each of his children. Then he proceeded to Ile Idio to meet Oduduwa for the journey.

Prior to that time, Obamakin had been exhibiting a lot of rebellious and shameful attitudes, abuse of privileges among others, such as excessive drinking, forcefully marrying other people’s wives ( Ogbe ewure ton towo, ogbe olomoge ton tororo idire), this shameful and rebellious act of Obamakin formed part of Oriki (Eulogy) for anybody coming from Ile Oranfe in Ile-Ife till date – “Omo Oranfe lese oke, to n tan ina memu l’osangangan, omo gbirin abuke, gbinrin abaro, O gbe ewure ton towo, Ogbe olomoge to n tororo idi re.”

As soon as Oranfe left for Idio (Oduduwa’s place) to embark on the journey, Obamakin having felt that Oranfe had embarked on a long journey in which he was not likely to come back alive considering his age then, and being a warrior, felt it was Oranfe’s grand plan to dispossess and deny him what he considered his inheritance. He then planned a full scale war against Akinsin his father’s wife. As at then, Obamakin was around 29 years, and had gotten children of his own, he called his loyal warriors and friends to assemble at a place called Iloromu (Meaning a place where the wickedness of man resides), which is still in existence in present day Ile Ife. Obamakin launched a surprise attack on Akinsin (Oranfes wife), which led to her being chased away and dispossessed of her apportioned land.

While that was going on at Oke Ora, Oranfe, being a powerful god-king sensed something was wrong at home, he then sought the permission of Oduduwa to go back home as his house was in crisis. As the news of Oranfe coming home unexpectedly got to Obamakin, who had started exhibiting arrogance and rebellion against his father (by changing his name to Obamakin Osangangan, living the life of affluence and oppression of people), quickly called his warriors that Oranfe was closer to Oke Ora and that could mean a doom for him if he should get home seeing his beloved wife sent away and disposed of her right.

Obamakin then decided to run away. He embarked on a journey to an inhabited place called Iwinrin/Igbo Ugbo (forest of the vultures). It was there they became wild as a result of hunger and famine, it should be noted that at this place called Ugbo, Obamakin made love to one of the slaves that accompanied him in the rebellious journey who gave birth to Omo Olu Ugbo, later pronounced as Olugbo. Other warriors that followed him settled around the Ugbo community for constant propitiation of the gods and ceremonial rituals.

Ooni as the owner of diffused monotheism, a religion of many gods controlling about 401 deities within the framework of awesomeness of high God. Oranfe was one of the god-king placed under Oduduwa by the Eledumare. Obaluru, being the living spirit of Oranfe, is a king under the supreme leadership of Any reigning Aaroole Oodua/Ooniriisa.

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5 thoughts on “The Brief History of Olugbo lineage: Obamakin Osangangan

  1. Nice history. I’ve heard short lines of it rendered in IFÁ verses. I’ve always wanted to hear it in full. Thanks for providing me the opportunity. It is without a doubt that we are descendants of deities. Which makes me wonder why traditional rulers who are from direct bloodlines of powerful beings, would short change themselves by relating themselves under foreign religion.

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  2. Your account is very wrong. Oduduwa did not meet Oranfe in ile I’ve alive but his descendants, Obatala, Obamakin and others. Oduduwa was not a Yoruba man but a stranger that was found at ile I’ve and was taken to oba palace. The name ile ife was derived from. Ile Ora ife or oranfe due to curroption. Ile ife simply means ile oranfe ( Oranfe house). Yoruba land is/was owned by Oranfe onile ina. He was the founder and father of yoruba people. Oduduwa was just a coup plotter like marmod Gaddafi of Lybia who overthrew the king of Lybia to have his regime.


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