Brief History of Oranfe

ORANFE is known to be among the first set of deities that descended from heaven to earth.

Oranfe is the god of lightning and thunder sent by Eledumare to the universe. (He had) his primary abode at Oke-Ora as a god and had his house built of fire both in heaven and his earthly abode on Ora hill (Oke-Ora) in Ile-Ife then known as Ife Oodaye.

That was why he was referred to as Oranfe Onile Ina (Oranfe owner of the house of fire). All his fellow gods and warriors feared him because of his mystical power of lightning and thunder and the power to emit naked fire from his mouth given to him by the Almighty Eledumare (God).

Due to his enormous power and the constant exchange with the unseen beings, he was usually alone on the hill of Ora (Oke-Ora), and only descended on the order of Oduduwa (His Supreme Head) to attend to his subjects and perform some rituals and sacrifices which he usually carried on in the afternoons (Osangangan) for the cleansing of the land on a routine basis, that was why he was nicknamed Osangangan, while Obatala carried his own sacrifices very early in the morning (Kutukutu Owuro) on the order of Eledumare through Oduduwa.

Oranfe was a powerful warrior with the power behind the wind, thunder and lightening . He is referred to as Oranfe – ONILE INA, ORIRANGIGBO, ALAGEMO TI OUN JE EWE GBIGBE, THE GOD OF FIRE. It was not possible for ordinary humans who were not spiritually fortified to see Oranfe eyeball to eyeball except Oduduwa and direct descendants of Oranfe, even up till today, because of the enormous power he possessed. Obaluru is the head of Ile Oranfe, his living spirit and heritance. Oranfe had many wives including the popular three, Oru, Osara, Akinsin, among others, he also had several children and grandchildren spreading across Ile Oodua (Yoruba land) and beyond. Oru begat Obamakin, the father of Olugbo, Woyeasiri, Oluyare among others.

Oranfe shrine is located along Iloromu Oke-ora in Ile-Ife. The Chief priest of Oranfe is called OBALURU in Obaluru compound Ile-Ife. The Oranfe festival usually holds on Monday nine days after olojo festival. In the olden days, human being were used (i.e killing for the ritual) and they were called them (IWOO meaning a stranger) but nowadays human being are no longer used, but Ram and Sheep are used.

Oranfe first wife is Osara. He was always helping people to fight against those who denied them of their rights. He assisted Obatala, the god of white, to kill Obameri along oke esinmirin river and the place is called igbo obameri.

There were so many chiefs under obaluru who is the king in Oke-Ora, Iloromu Ile-Ife. Obaluru also controls igbo alapara, the sacred bush used to bury those people that were killed by thunder, cripples and hunchbacks.


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  1. Why are you referring the name of Oduduwa as Supreme over these deities for goodness sake?must you be corrupting this history of Yoruba all the times?are there not people living in Ile-Ife before the arrival of Oduduwa?let the unborn generation meet good history on ground look.

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