Oba Alebiosu Obadua Ojijigogun Arosoye l, was born as Prince Alebiosu Obadua of the Asodeboyede dynasty. He became the Deji of Akure in 1890 and reigned for 7 years. He was the son of Oba Ojijigogun Arakale the Deji of Akure that reigned from 1852-1882. He had two half brothers: Prince Olofinlade Afunbiowo (later Adesida l ) and Prince Ifaturoti Adegoroye.

His father, Ojijigogun was the son of Oba Arakale, who was executed by the Benin Empire, while his uncle was Oba Osupa I. Several years before his birth, the Kingdom of Benin had invaded his father’s homeland and executed Oba Arakale, his paternal grandfather. The invaders spared his father’s family and they lived in Benin until the 1830s.

In 1882,When the Deji of Akure-his father Oba Ojijigogun Arakele died, this created a vacancy in the office and several eligible princes sought the throne including Prince Alebiosu Obadua two siblings, Afunbiowo and Ifaturoti and his first cousin, Odundun I. Oba Odundun was ultimately selected and was crowned shortly afterwards. Prince Alebiosu Obadua sought the throne again in 1890 when Odundun died and finally won. He reigned for a short time of seven years and died in 1897. After his death, his daughter Princess Aladerukube Aladejana became the Regent. His younger half brother, Oba Olofinlade Afunbiowo Adesida l later became the king and ruled thereafter for 60 years making him the longest reigning Deji in the history of Akure and ever since then, none of the descendants of Oba Arosoye has ever became the King.

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