Aare Ona Kakanfo Afonja of Ilorin

Omorilewa is the name of the favourite daughter of Afonja, founder of Ilorin. Aare Ona Kakanfo Afonja loved Omorilewa so much that he pampered her to a fault. Omorilewa was conscious of his father’s love and enjoyed it to the fullest. History relates her to be a proud young lady while nothing can be done to satisfy her. For instance, at one time, they had amongst their hens a mother hen which used to lay and hatch eggs accordingly, but Omorilewa wasn’t satisfy. The hen was sold and duck was bought in hen’s stead.

The duck used to lay and hatch eggs accordingly, too, again Omorilewa wasn’t satisfy, the duck was sold and they bought guinea fowl in duck’s stead, guinea fowl laid six eggs, but forcefully hatched one. Even before it hatched, a new nest had to be set up. This angered Omorilewa so much that she asked that the guinea fowl be sold. Monkey was bought in guinea fowl’s stead; Omorilewa said the monkey used to scout too much, so she complained and a big dog was bought and the monkey was sold. Omorilewa also complained that the Dog that replaced the Monkey is a filthy animal because it always eating feaces. The dog was also sold.

After the dog, a female slave simply named Oyun was purchased. Oyun was a lazy one. Every effort was put into use to make her do house chores, but she wouldn’t work. To fetch water, pound yam, sweep the floor, etc. were all herculean tasks to her. This so frustrated Omorilewa that she started pouring vituperative words on Oyun almost on daily basis.

One day, Oyun was reportedly suffocated by the abusive language, she just couldn’t have it anymore. After a misdeed as usual, Omorilewa started her rounds of reeling out of vituperative words. Oyun reportedly walked away and turned to a river.

Oyun River is a property of Ilorin indigenes, because Oyun herself was a slave of Aare Ona Kakanfo Afonja. Today, this river flows beyond Ilorin. It flows as far as Ijagbo on an end and God-knowswhere at the other side.

by Jimoh Taofik Adekunle


Published by oloolutof

Urbanologist, Geographer, Traditionalist and Oral historian. ​I am a versatile, personable, computer literate and goal – driven achiever. I have good communication skill with ability to interact at different levels. I am self –motivated, can easily assimilate new ideals and quite adaptive to work in different environments. Studied in University of Jos, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife and University of Calabar.

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