The Brief History of Ijero.

The Ijero people have their root in Ile-Ife as they are descents from Oduduwa. According to Ijero oral tradition, the 16 kingdoms of Ekiti came from the royal house of Oduduwa and their relations in other parts of Yoruba land like Oyo, Ijesha, Ondo, Igbomina, Ijebu, Egba, Ikale, Ilaje, Akoko, Edo, Itshekiri and others cameContinue reading “The Brief History of Ijero.”


Omorilewa is the name of the favourite daughter of Afonja, founder of Ilorin. Aare Ona Kakanfo Afonja loved Omorilewa so much that he pampered her to a fault. Omorilewa was conscious of his father’s love and enjoyed it to the fullest. History relates her to be a proud young lady while nothing can be doneContinue reading “STORY OF OYUN RIVER, IN ILORIN (KWARA STATE)”


The 40TH DEJI OF AKURE KINGDOM Oba Alebiosu Obadua Ojijigogun Arosoye l, was born as Prince Alebiosu Obadua of the Asodeboyede dynasty. He became the Deji of Akure in 1890 and reigned for 7 years. He was the son of Oba Ojijigogun Arakale the Deji of Akure that reigned from 1852-1882. He had two halfContinue reading “OBA ALEBIOSU OBADUA OJIJIGOGUN, AROSOYE l, DEJI OF AKURE.”

The Origin of Egungun/Masquerade in Yorubaland

Masquerades started in the olden days. There was this particular woman whose husband had died in the thick forest where they both lived with their children. After the death and burial of the husband, the wife and children had to relocate to another settlement. Afterwards, life got horrific and horrible with the woman and herContinue reading “The Origin of Egungun/Masquerade in Yorubaland”

Brief History of Orosun

History of Orosun: Oral history records that Orosun travelled down to Ikori (in Akoko area) where she met and fell in love with Olofin Aremitan, the founder of Idanreland. Orosun was one of the many wives of Olofin Aremitan. From Ikori, she went with Olofin to Utaja (in Idanre). Subsequently, Orosun went to Akoko to collectContinue reading “Brief History of Orosun”


(1) Ile-Ife was founded by Obatala(2) Owo was founded by Ojugbelu.(3) Oshogbo was founded by Queen Oso-Igbo(4) Akure was founded by Omoremi Omoluabi(5) Ondo was founded by Queen Pupupu(6) Iwo was founded by prince Ogbaigbai.(7) Oyo was founded by prince Oranmiyan(8) Igede Ekiti was founded by Ake(9) Abeokuta was founded by Shodeke(10) Ilesha was foundedContinue reading “FOUNDERS OF NOTABLE CITIES IN YORUBALAND”

The Most Powerful Women in The Palace Of Aláàfin of Oyo.

The old dynasty dates back to the old Oyo Empire which with Aláàfin as the emperor. However, there are powerful women who controls the kingdom. They include among others: 1. Iyamode: Iyamode is the only person in the entire world the Aláàfin is permitted to kneel down before. He kneels before no one else exceptContinue reading “The Most Powerful Women in The Palace Of Aláàfin of Oyo.”

Brief History Of Iwoye, Ayedun.

Oral tradition says that the town Iwoye in Ayedun traced her origin to the ancient city of Ile Ife, the cradle of the  Yorubas.  However, there are many Iwoyes spread among Yoruba Communities. Uwoye near Ijebu-Jesha in Ori-Ade LGA, Osun State, Iwoye near Ede, Ago-Iwoye Ketu near Ijebu-Igbo, Ogun State and Iwoye in Ayedun. ORIGINContinue reading “Brief History Of Iwoye, Ayedun.”

Ogboni Society.

Historical Background It is not known when the Ogboni society was created. it was an age long assembly of elders that created a cult based on the cosmology of Yorubas. Ogboni performed religious, political and judicial functions. Ogboni considered themselves as the privileged intermediaries between the living and the ancestors and they venerate mother EarthContinue reading “Ogboni Society.”

Brief History of Ogedengbe Agbogungboro

The late Chief Ogedengbe Agbogungboro, the Generalissimo of Ekiti Army during the Ekiti parapet war was born at Atorin, a village about twenty kilometres from Ilesha in the now Atakomosa East Local Government areas. Atorin was his mother’s village, his father was a native of Oke-Orisa which is about the same distance from Ilesha andContinue reading “Brief History of Ogedengbe Agbogungboro”

Brief History of Igede and the link with Osun goddess.

Ake, a hunter and herbalist of great prowess founded Igede many centuries ago. Erindo his wife and Awota, his servant all migrated from Ile-Ife. They settled on arrival at Okesu. Ake and Erindo were blessed with sixteen children, eight boys and eight girls. Prominent among the children were Osun, Elemi, Orunro, Ogbese, Elerinwo and OkunsusiContinue reading “Brief History of Igede and the link with Osun goddess.”

The Brief History of Oore of Otun

Tradition has it that the Oore emerged from the Okun Moba (Moba Sea) in Lagos with a calabash containing water in his hand, beads around his neck and a beaded crown on his head. Oore also known as Omolokun had no known earthly father nor mother. Oore, had settled in different places at different times,Continue reading “The Brief History of Oore of Otun”

Brief History of Oye-Ekiti

The origin of Oye-Ekiti which is also known as Obalatan land is associated with the founder of the town, Oloyemoyin was born in Imore district of Ile Ife. The name Oye was coined from his name ‘Oloyemoyin’ a name put together because of the circumstances surrounding the birth of the founder of Oye who wasContinue reading “Brief History of Oye-Ekiti”

The contrasting History of Owa-Ale and Olukare

According to oral history gathered, Ale had left Owamilere Ehinnabo to settle in Ikare after the demise of his blood relation the Owa Orimo, Olusi the first of Owamilere. There are two ruling houses in Owamilere including Ode Adagba ruling house from where Agba Ode came from. It is believed that the non selection ofContinue reading “The contrasting History of Owa-Ale and Olukare”