Ifa concept of Obatala in Yoruba history

According to Ifa oral tradition the first Oba (king) of the Yoruba Nation was Oduduwa from the elision Odu (womb) dudu (black) iwa (character) meaning the Invisible Source of Character. The word black in relationship to the word womb is a reference to the invisible or hidden mystery of Creation. The name Oduduwa suggests someoneContinue reading “Ifa concept of Obatala in Yoruba history”

Yoruba Concept of Witches

Witchcraft, the extra-natural interference in the welfare of the community by women, has long since ceased to be a source of major concern in Western society. In many other areas of the world, however, the witch remains a very active and vital image in the consciousness of the people, This is certainly true for theContinue reading “Yoruba Concept of Witches”